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Work Hard.. Play Harder

Places to Play started off on a google sheet. Fed up of entering my 'mind palace' whenever I was asked for recommendations of places to go for dates, with friends, or family when they were in town visiting and so on (although let's be honest, mainly dates). I decided it would just be easier to create a spreadsheet (as I basically live and plan my life on excel) with all the place I love and would recommend and my pet project started to evolve from there. 

The sheet got shared and grew, cities got added, extra columns got included and being a bit of an e geek, the sheet became more advanced as time went on. Drop down menus got added, categorisations included and eventually a few were entrusted with editing permission . Friends started to add in their own recommendations and suggestions - on the proviso that they add their names to their recommendation. 

The concept of the sheet developed and progressed, new cities were added, options could be filter by the type of place, the style of food or drink (the tube stop for London) and even by the person who recommended it - if you liked Nick's suggestion for a sports bar suited for a solo traveller in New York, you could see his recommendations in other cities. If you like the speakeasy cocktail bar in London suggested by Samara (yours truly) you might filter and see where in Paris I suggest.


And so began Places to Play - an interactive sheet, broken out by city, that hosts peoples 'mind palaces' of places to go eat, drink and play... So now here you are, on my blog of the places I recommend and a little more detail about them, as well as the other places people have recommended that I have visited and reviewed. Feel free to drop me a line should you wish me to check out any of your favourite spots to play or if you would like to see the sheet where it all started. 

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